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The Power of SEO

Have you ever wondered how many people can view your website? Have you ever wondered why they don’t? If they do search for a query in your niche and can’t find your business, it is because your website is either badly optimized or not optimized at all.

This is how SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can help you. A badly optimized website can impact sales dramatically.

SEO is the process of optimizing a website in order to target a search engine’s ranking factors.

As a result, the website can be ranked higher on a search engine result page, or SERP.

This process is quite complex and can take up to months to be achieved correctly with many reviews. In many cases, when ranking for competitive keywords, a long-lasting relationship with SEO experts is necessary. We update content regularly and make sure your rank is kept to the top.


Google is the one and only king of search engines. We play by their rules to rank high in Google’s search results. Being first on search engines such as Bing or Yahoo might be helpful, but Google can deliver more clients than all other search engines combined.


What is TrueSEO™ and How it Works

TrueSEO™ is our patented technology that uses certified methods that improve SEO campaigns. We created TrueSEO™ to help businesses target their clients and boost sales through their websites. We performed studies on best SEO practices so that we can achieve the best results possible through Google approved SEO strategies.

Google is very secretive about how their ranking system works. We constantly update TrueSEO™ according to Google’s likes and dislikes.

The process of ranking first in Google’s SERP can almost never be guaranteed, because certain keywords are overly competitive.

This, for most businesses, has a very low rate of investment (ROI). In these cases, we strategize using long tail keywords. This is the better approach when our analysis shows exact or very similar visitor search queries.


Keyword Research & Analysis

Content & Design

On-Page SEO

Link Building

Technical SEO



Optimizes pages taking in consideration search queries from all over the world.


Optimizes pages taking in consideration only local searches. Can be used on a national level.


Pay-per-click advertising using Google Ads is a guaranteed method to increase website traffic.


Helps websites increase traffic the old school way. Tries to reach first rank in SERPs.


Global SEO

Optimizing for worldwide keywords is quite the task. It is the toughest SEO campaign to target because of its competition.

Global SEO is mostly used for international businesses. Long tail keywords can be used to better target visitors. This helps bring in users that are interested in what your website provides. Let’s take a business that sells winter clothing at low costs as an example:

If the user searches for “clothes” and visits your website, chances are low that the user is searching for winter clothes at low costs. This will result in the user bouncing away from your website and lower your website’s rank.

Instead, if the user searches for “cheap winter clothes” and visits your website, chances are way higher that the user is interested in buying from your website. This, according to the user’s interest in your products, will result in a purchase or, at the very least, the user will not bounce away and browse through your website.

Local SEO

If your business is location based, local SEO is the way to go.

The difference between global SEO and local SEO is the location keyword used in optimizing a website or a page.

Users tend to use search queries that include location with intend of making a purchase close by.

Local SEO is also directly linked with Google My Business and Google Maps. A user in search of a coffee shop in close proximity to his or her location will mostly include additional keywords such as “near me”, “close by” or “in city, country”.

SERPs with local search intend will include results from Google Maps and Google My Business. Local SEO can also be used for national results.



Another approach to appear in Google SERPs is using Google AdWords. Many SEO experts try to deny its power. This is because it works great in the short run but once campaigns are stopped, results may vanish. Even though this is true, AdWords can bring in visitors that increase organic ranking.

We categorize it as an additional, powerful tool to organic SEO. The best thing about PPC SEO methods is the guarantee of user visits. If done wrong, it can negatively affect your organic result.

TrueSEO makes the best out of PPC campaigns and we make sure your ROI is highly beneficial.

Organic SEO

An organic result refers to websites and webpages that are found in SERPs, which are algorithm-driven. They do not require payment to be showcased.

Ranking higher in organic results is way more complicated than PPC results. It requires a powerful SEO campaign and it is influenced by hundreds of Google’s algorithm factors.

We use TrueSEO™ to boost organic result ranks. This is achieved using only white hat SEO methods. Black hat SEO can also bring great results at first, but will punish website authority in the long run. This is why we have completely removed it as a SEO method.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Everyone knows the difficulty of SEO for competitive keywords.

We study the best keywords for your webpage and weight it out with the competition.

We tend to use long tail keywords as they are more accurate and target direct customers. Bringing in visits for famous keywords is great, but they are also a nightmare to deal with. In many cases its ROI is very low and has a very low success rate.

Using less competitive and long tail keywords does not mean results are not worth it. On the contrary, they can target the exact visitors you need and have a higher success rate in campaigns. We use search queries that are appropriate to your niche and strategize accordingly.

We also check your competition and their SEO strategy and page rank. We focus on outperforming them, while bringing in visits that matter to you.


SEO is a Constant Battle

After finalizing our campaign, we constantly stay updated with your website’s performance. We verify reports for number of clicks, impressions, click-through-rate and more. These numbers help visualize your success and we update your content accordingly.

Your SERP result might be getting viewed but not clicked. You could be getting high CTR but high bounce rates and so on. Not updating your content can damage your page rank and, in many cases, you could be missing potential visits that could easily turn to customers.

Content & Design

As stated by Google, creating good content is everything. It is the primary goal in our SEO campaigns. It results in visitors loving your page and sharing it further. Content does not mean pure text. It includes most visual elements found on your page such as images, graphics and videos.

Quality over Quantity but with a Lot of Quantity

Content has to be quality, in-depth and visually pleasing. Quality content makes sure your visitors find interest in your topic and spend time browsing instead of bouncing.

The more information you provide, the more helpful you are to the visitor. People tend to skip low content pages as they want to be highly informed about their search. We avoid using content that is non-informative and links that do not matter.


UX and UI are Best Friends

User experience is one of the most vital factors to take into account when creating content.

Creating user friendly content helps users read easier. Organizing content using wireframes and anchor linking, results in better user satisfaction.

Visual matters. If your page is filled with useless and jammed information, users will bounce away.

This is why we provide quality web design that helps visually please users.

Images are a big part of websites and help users understand your content better. Videos can provide users with even more information on your content and are a great way to keep them interested. This all leads to better user satisfaction and therefor helps boost your page rank.

On-Page SEO

Years ago, Google algorithms were not as “smart” as they are now. Keyword-stuffing was used as the best SEO method and it worked. No more is that a strategy to optimize a webpage. On the contrary it can negatively affect your page rank.

Integrating keywords in a page is still vital but it has to be used correctly. They are meant to be included in your content only when necessary and create a natural compositional flow.

Layout and Wireframing for a Better User Experience

The layout of a page is vital to Google. Content has to be categorized in wireframes with titles, subtitles and so on. These, in geek-terms, are called h1, h2, …, h6 tags. They are used to inform Google bots on content. Your keyword has to be included in your h1 tag (this is your title), and in the first paragraph of your text.

You need to inform users of your content directly. Use a captivating short introduction. This keeps users interested and they do not bounce off directly.


URLs Help Google and Users Understand Your Content

Keywords should also be included in your URL as Google uses them to understand your page’s topic. Many websites still do not include correctly structured URL’s which damages their page rank.

We also found that many users use URL’s to re-visit a page. For this reason, we tend to use short URL’s that are memorable to users. This process needs to be taken into consideration from the very start of a SEO strategy.

Fixing URL structures is a nightmare. Backlinks, links to pages and buttons can be corrupted.

Internal links are also vital in SEO architecture. Sending users from one page to another can be done using links. These links should be keyword rich. Google uses anchor text to understand what the page linked to is about. These are similar to backlinks, but are included in your own website.

It is very similar to the authority sent by backlinks to your pages. If you have a page that is fresh and has no backlinks, linking to it from your highly ranked pages will improve its rank.

Link Building

Backlinks mean everything. Google uses backlinks as a primary method to give authority to your webpage. This is why quality backlinks matter.

If you have authoritative links to your website, prepare to reach the top. Of course, this does not happen if the rest of your website is badly optimized.

Same Industry Backlinks Mean More

According to your industry, getting backlinks might come as a tough task. In many cases top ranking pages in your domain will be your competition.

So how do we get backlinks? We target blogs with primary topics based on your domain. We use this to not only bring authority, but also users interested in your website, products and services.


Authoritative Backlinks Matter

Fortunately, authority backlinks can come from any authoritative website. They might not bring as many visits as a blog about your industry will, but they help boost your rank.

Getting backlinks can be done using many methods. The more power a link has the better. In certain cases, when we consider that it matters, we use real-life calls for a backlink. This increases the chances of them considering a link to your page.

Another way of getting backlinks is through emails. We check what backlinks your competition is getting; where these backlinks come from. We then send emails that inform them about your content and ask for backlinks. This mostly works if your content is great and constructed well. Everyone loves quality content and will share it.

We also check backlinks that target pages similar to yours. In many cases these links are corrupted so we send emails to inform them of this and that they can replace it with your link.

Technical SEO

Not a SEO expert’s job, but we are responsible to point it out. Two things matter in technical SEO. Website speed performance and mobile-friendly pages. If your page is slow and not mobile friendly, prepare to be lost in the sea of dead pages.

Loading Time

Loading time matters. Statistics show that 53% of people will bounce away from a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Also, according your industry, loading time differs and has a direct effect on users choosing you or the competition. We use tools like GTmetrix, Pingdom, PageSpeed Insights to verify that your page is lighting fast.

These tests deliver reports on what slows down your site. It can be anything, from bad hosting to uncompressed images and code. This is why it’s vital to construct a website correctly.


Mobile Optimization

Mobile, mobile, mobile. Google has alerted everyone that it’s either mobile friendly websites or say goodbye to being first. This has already affected a lot of websites.

We can not stress this enough to our clients.

Mobile is the version of your website that matters. A study on our client’s websites show that mobile usage is around 60%, tablet usage 10% and desktop usage 30%.

That does not mean the desktop version does not matter, but that now, the mobile version is the one that is indexed first.

As a design agency we started focusing on SEO to complete our branding package. We realized its power and how much it affects businesses worldwide.

Our TrueSEO technology helps us connect businesses to their target clients through the web. This was easily achievable before, but has now become an expensive, expert-driven task.


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