Product Design and Industrial Design Services


The study and research that is performed as part of a product’s design is fundamental for its success.

We gather information regarding the needs and wants of people, traditions and brands. We question ideas and technologies that could better your product.

Research allows us to create a well-thought-out plan. This helps eliminate potential risks, which many include:

  • Customer dissatisfaction of your product.
  • Industry standards not met.
  • Ineffective or nonfunctional technology.
  • Non-beneficial cost of production.

These can be catastrophic end results of a badly planned product. This is why we are extra cautious at developing a plan that works.

Our research team tackles the market analysis of your product’s industry, to assemble all necessary data about your product’s target. Data gathered is based on statistics, testimonials, Google trends, Google searches and other systems. This guides us to a firm conclusion of your products potential.


Using up-to-date tech, we sketch 3D models to resolve design requirements and better visualize the product. At this stage we discuss material, form, usability, engineering and potential manufacturing processes to be used for the product’s production.

We utilize these sketches to show you the overall design of your product. At this stage changes and modifications help better the products look and feel. This stage comes to an end when the product’s concept design, look, feel and function, is fully developed and can be modeled using CAD software.


Fortunately, at this day and age, prototyping has become accessible to all. Costs of prototyping are vastly reduced through the years and the product’s final form can be achieved without the need of manufacturing. We use 2D laser cutting and 3D printing technology that allows our designs to come to life.

We highly recommend prototyping products prior to manufacture. It allows us to feel the product and test ergonomics, technical issues and overall stability. At this stage we finalize construction details which include everything from color to final form.


We try to achieve solutions for a functional, cost effective, and performant product production. We search for assembly, material, quality and price options to ensure beneficial manufacture. We further polish drawings to work with production and assembly, using latest technology 3D CAD software.

Lastly, we finalize this process with 2D technical drawings to be used in manufacture.


We make sure we find the best factory that can bring your product to life at the best quality and price possible. Production lines differ vastly and highly depend on your product’s materials, dimensions, technology, form and other qualities that determine the ease and possibility of production.


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